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Stroff’s 2017 Guide to Personal Branding | USD$15.99

This is a collaborative effort with Stroff: Where talents meet.

Your personal brand is the best asset you can ever have. By 2020, 5 million jobs will be completely replaced by machines and automation. A degree does not guarantee a stable job anymore– You might even have friends who are laid off as degree holders.

Stroff’s 2017 Guide to Personal Branding is a starting guide to anyone who is interested in creating a compelling personal brand. In this guide, you will find many invaluable strategies on how to brand yourself for career success.

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 Specially for entrepreneurs, executives, students and influencers!

Discover how to achieve a great personal brand within 35 minutes using our 6-step personal branding model…Even if you know nothing about branding at all!

Once you learn and master this potent method, be prepared to have more people approaching you with greater opportunities!

In this ten-episode personal branding series, we teach you a 6-step replicable model to brand yourself like David Beckham. This theoretical model is inspired by the book “Brand it like Beckham” by Andy Milligan.

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