IKIGUIDE: Singapore’s First Crypto Education Portal

Welcome to IKIGUIDE: Singapore’s First Crypto Education Portal.

IKIGUIDE is a Public Relations and Content Marketing Agency that specialises in helping startups and organizations with their initial coin offering (ICO). Founded in 2014, we are professionals in the areas of public relations, social media, content marketing and press relations.

Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of IKIGAI, we help people and companies live out their raison d’etre. We redefine wealth. We are passionate about companies or startups with great vision. If you are a company currently doing an ICO and requires expertise with PR/ social media management, we can help.

We also educate the public about cryptocurrency.


Boosting an average of 80,000 total visits/month, you will discover useful content from global experts in the field of blockchain technology, public relations, branding and ICO on this portal. You will also find insightful guests post by crypto-enthusiasts and experts, and my personal documentation of thoughts on this crypto journey.

Enjoy our portal! Feel free to drop us an email anytime at hello [@] ikiguide.com .


soh wan wei

Founder of IKIGUIDE