August 24, 2018

Is Bitcoin Cash Worth A Billion Dollar Capitalization?

Bitcoin Cash and the Road Ahead Barely just a year old, the Bitcoin offshoot- Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has already seen a lot of action. Despite its […]
August 19, 2018

Interview With Xeo Lye: Learn Cryptocurrency From Board Games!

Today we have the huge privilege of interviewing Xeo Lye from Capital Gains Studio! They are going to launch an exciting new table-top game titled Cryptocurrency. As […]
August 17, 2018

[Press Release] Pure Diamond Farm Singapore to implement ICO

This is a paid-for submitted press release by Pure Diamond Farm. IKIGUIDE does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible […]
August 15, 2018

Mayuhime: 3 Personal Branding Tips To Learn From This Financial Expert

Mayuhime. Mayumi Sakai– The Japanese lady financial expert and celebrity who knows her FX stuff at the tip of her fingers. She is considered to be […]
August 15, 2018

A Diamond Is Truly Forever, With Pure Diamond!

Recently the IKIGUIDE team came across this very interesting ICO project by Pure Diamond Farm (Read the whitepaper here). This is an ICO project about lab-grown […]
August 14, 2018

Get Paid For Sharing Social Content! Interview With Sabrina Wang, CEO of PINC

Today we have the huge pleasure of having Sabrina Wang, the CEO of PINC with us! PINC is a social commerce platform that incentivises content creators […]
August 10, 2018

[Upcoming Conference] Crypto Currency Expo Marks 1st Year Anniversary

Press Release Amid the successful launch of Crypto Currency Expo in August 2017, Global Crypto Hub (GCH) takes its pride to celebrate its first year anniversary […]
August 6, 2018

Gaming on Blockchain? Interview with Bountie’s CEO Lex Na

Bountie is a local gaming platform that aims to connect gamers across Asia. Today we have the huge privilege of having Bountie’s CEO, Lex Na to share with us […]
July 29, 2018

CryptoWallets & Your Passwords: Are you already at Risk?

With the next wave blockchain technology unfolds, cryptography remains a key part of this major technology. In which cryptography is used to secure the blockchain, our […]
March 27, 2015

Create for passion: Interview with Cindy Gomez

Cindy Gomez embraces an unconventional start in her music career, and this has opened the gates to all sort of opportunities. An epitome of “Success comes in Cans and not […]
March 24, 2015

Interview: Juho Makkonen, Co-Founder & CEO of Sharetribe

We had the privilege to learn more about Sharetribe from their co-founder and CEO, Juho Makkonen. Juho shares with us what his company is about, the […]
March 11, 2015

Tea with Miki! ♥

Today, TEAMIKI is extremely pleased to have tea with Miki (Yep! TeaMiki). Also affectionately known as the “Western Tsubasa Masuwaka“, Miki Toikkanen is the founder of Winkie […]
March 7, 2015

Interview with Daniel Yap!

Today, IKIGUIDE has the huge pleasure of interviewing Daniel Yap, head of creative communications at Right Hook Communications. We discuss social media, creative communications and how […]
February 28, 2015

Interview with JUJU Jewellery!

JUJU Jewellery is a modern jewellery boutique which stands out in the Helsinki Design District for its classy designs–or should we say pieces of Art? We […]
February 21, 2015

Interview: Stoke

Fuelled by their passion for travel, food and bringing the freshest produce from artisans around the world, expat couple Ruth and Kris came up with the […]
February 20, 2015

Young-trepreneur – Interview with Phoebe

Field of business may be a playground for the experienced, with years of track record to buffer their ability in doubling, tripling or even quadrupling sales. […]
February 20, 2015

Designed for Happiness: Interview with Ektory!

Do you value originality and creativity? We found some time to catch up with the owners of Ektory today, and they will be sharing with us […]
February 10, 2015

Fresh, Nordic, Soulful: Interview with M E R I!

Today IKIGUIDE has the huge honour of interviewing M E R I! We find out what inspires her songs, who her role models are, and her inspiring […]
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