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history of bitcoin blockchain altcoins ethereum

The Brief History of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Alt-Coins

'The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.' -- Winston Churchill A Brief History of Bitcoin  Bitcoin which is a new form of currency has been evolving for the past decade. It is...
FAQ cryptocurrency ikiguide

FAQ: 5 Commonly Asked Questions About Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency market is highly risky and volatile--yet many are still drawn to it as returns may be absurdly high! Here are the five commonly asked questions about cryptocurrencies and its...
cryptocurrency wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet: What Is It All About?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program which is used for storing private as well as public keys. It also interacts with various blockchain to enable end users to send /receive...



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Interview with Shentonista: Exclusive Tips on Personal Branding and Fashion!

Personal branding and fashion are always closely related--and who says Singaporeans are not fashionable? We interviewed the folks from Shentonista, a popular website which showcases...
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