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cryptocurrency wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet: What Is It All About?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program which is used for storing private as well as public keys. It also interacts with various blockchain to enable end users to send /receive...
what is cryptocurrency ikiguide

What Is Cryptocurrency?

IKIGUIDE's Recommendation: If you prefer a video explanation--do check out the excellent episode titled "cryptocurrency" under the "Explained" series on Netflix.  What is "Cryptocurrency"? A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency used mainly as...
crypto assets

4 Important Things About Crypto Assets You Need To Know!

Today's post is on the different types of Crypto Assets. Given that cryptocurrency terminology can get intimidating sometimes, we prepared this post to help all of us navigate our cryptocurrency journey better....



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NuMoney Is Releasing Their Own Token NMX!

Last week our team at IKIGUIDE was informed that a local startup NuMoney (whitepaper here) is going to launch an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) soon!...