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Soh Wan Wei is a sought-after speaker in the Web3.0, blockchain and metaverse scene. An open-source advocate passionate about virtual beings and parasocial relationships, Wan Wei has guest lectured at many reputable blockchain conferences and private seminars. She believes in empowering the masses to be on the right side of change!

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April 16, 2019

Regulating Artificial Intelligence: Interview With Professor Simon Chesterman

Professor Simon Chesterman: Law should encourage us to think carefully about the consequences, think carefully about who bears the risk, who bears the harm, who bears […]
April 16, 2019

What’s the Future of Work With Blockchain and AI? Interview With Lim Wee-Kiat

Today, we’re excited to have Lim Wee-Kiat, Senior Research Fellow at Asian Business Case Centre, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University.
April 9, 2019

Interview with Dr. Xie Yinglian: Roles of AI and Blockchain in Fraud Detection and Prevention

In this interview, Dr. Xie Yinglian will be talking about the definitions of AI and the role of AI in fraud detection and prevention.

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"Before attending the course I knew very little about Blockchain technology. I was also sceptical about cryptocurrency and felt it was a scam.
After I attended Wan Wei’s Blockchain Business Insider Program, I realised that Blockchain and the Distributed Ledger Technology was the wave of the future. Also not all cryptocurrencies were scams.
As part of an exercise, Wan Wei had us do a model BlockChain project. When I finished it I realised that this was a project I could work on now instead of 5 years in the future. So thanks Wan Wei for saving me 4 years."

Dr Sundardas D Annamalay, CEO & Founder at Sundardas Naturopathic Clinic

"I really appreciate Wan Wei's training on the blockchain. She is a fantastic and thoughtful instructor.
Blockchain Business Insider program is incredibly well designed- I took Wan Wei's Blockchain Business Insider Program and now I can highly recommend Wan Wei's blockchain training Program to anyone.
Now I feel very confident to talk and share more insights on blockchain tools, Defi Model and Enterprise blockchain area. Thanks, Wan Wei!"

Prasenjeet Kashyap, CTO, AppDe Technologies

"Blockchain Business Champion is a good course to get started to have an understanding of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. I like how this course simplify the whole blockchain technology and the benefits of it. Each videos are short and straight to the point. Definitely recommending this to those who want to get started on blockchain and cryptos.
My biggest AHA (more of like mindblown) moment is that the space is so huge and there are still so much to learn! Although I do get a rough understanding in terms of the benefits of using blockchain & crypto, I am still trying to understand more on the applications part of it."

John Liew

"Prior to attending this course, I had the misconception that Blockchain = Bitcoin! Wan Wei has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into bite-sized videos, which made it very easy for a beginner to follow. What differentiated this course from other youtube videos on blockchain was the depth of coverage into the different business applications of blockchain technology, many of which I have never heard prior to this. As a healthcare professional who is interested in public health and medical informatics, I feel that I can better appreciate the use cases and limitations of blockchain in healthcare after attending Wan Wei’s class."

Chew Shi Hao, Medical Practitioner

"Through the entire 4+ hours of this course, one thing stood out the most to me, which was Wan Wei’s intense passion for Blockchain technology.
This same passion is one of the core reasons why the course and videos were all very engaging, and combined with the wonderful slides present in most of the lesson videos, the Blockchain Business Champion course and its content served to be very interesting and easy to absorb."

Shannon W, 14 years old, Top Elite School Student

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