Recognized as the premier network for women globally, IKIGUIDE Ladies Collective focuses on Web3 innovations, facilitating direct access to highly-vetted private sales in DeFi, Web3, gaming, metaverse, and NFT projects. Our mission is to democratize access to the rapidly growing cryptocurrency and NFT landscape, offering our ladies’ community exclusive first dips and minimizing entry barriers through comprehensive education and peer support.

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Pitch Your Web3 Project

Our focus is on empowering crypto, NFT, metaverse, and GameFi projects, with a strong commitment to fostering female leadership. 

We look for driven Web3 founders who demonstrate perseverance and a willingness to embrace change and innovation, setting aside ego for the greater good of their venture. Ensuring at least one woman holds a significant role within your team is essential for collaboration. We offer up to a collective of 200K USDT/USDC in private allocation for each project we select.

Connect your innovative crypto project with our vibrant community. Collaborate with us to unlock opportunities in exclusive private sales, showcasing the most innovative in DeFi, Web3, gaming, metaverse, and NFT initiatives.


1Does IKIGUIDE Ladies Collective exclusively focus on supporting women-only Web3 projects?
Our mission is to support promising Web3 and blockchain projects, with no gender preference for the entrepreneurial talent we back. Yet, we make it a point to encourage female presence in leadership positions.
2What is the standard ticket size?
IKIGUIDE Ladies Collective enables contributions of up to 200K USDC/USDT per project through collective pooling, allowing participation with as little as 3,000 USDC/USDT. Decisions on backing are determined individually for each project.
3What about membership costs?
There's no charge for the initial three months, providing a period to engage in monthly discussions about upcoming projects and full access to all potential collaborations. After this initial three months, continuing with us incurs an annual fee of USD$800.
4Can I join with no prior Web3 or blockchain experience?
Absolutely! Our community is a mix of individuals with varying levels of expertise, from seasoned professionals to those new to the Web3 space. You’ll soon see the value you can add. We organize introductory sessions to cover Web3 basics, plus, our 'Education' tab offers further resources.
5Is membership open to men?
Acknowledging the critical need to close the Web3 funding disparity that sees resources underallocated to women-led Web3 initiatives, the IKIGUIDE Ladies Collective is tailored only for female participants. Our strategy is designed to amplify the number of women active in the Web3 and blockchain sectors, rather than convincing men to channel resources into these ventures.