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Influencers do make a huge difference in today’s disruptive economy. How do you be one of the best in your field? We have prepared some resources for you.

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By 2020, more than 5million job positions will vanish worldwide. There has never been a more important time to brand yourself! We have prepared useful personal branding resources for you.

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In the corporate world, it is not just about sheer hard work. At IKIGUIDE we define “personal branding” as “superior expertise made aspirational”. Read our resources for you here!


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Want to hear how experts and positive role models achieve their personal branding? We have interviewed experts globally and you can find some of their interviews here.

Personal Branding Resources

The Top 3 Myths of Personal Branding

The Top 3 Myths of Personal Branding

Today I want to share a story on confidence and personal branding. Here goes! The Story Recently, I spoke to this lady “K” who worked as the Head...

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