Welcome to IKIGUIDE

IKIGUIDE is Asia’s first portal on personal branding. We help people remember you. We feature experts and help you build a credible and trustworthy personal brand systematically, so that you can always have top-of-mind awareness to positively impact industry partners, fans and followers.

For Influencers

Enhance your brand and grow your tribe.
As tribe leaders, influencers do make a huge impact in today’s interconnected world.

We can help you:

  • increase your social media following and engagement;
  • use your personal brand to attract more sponsorships; and
  • work together with strategic media partners to tell your brand story.

Here are some useful personal branding resources for influencers.
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For Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Impact the world with your compelling story.
We can help you work out a powerful personal brand to:

  • generate more investment and
  • increase sales and revenue

for your startup or business.

Here are some useful personal branding resources for entrepreneurs.
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For Fresh Graduates and PMETs

Recession-proof yourself!
By 2020, more than 5 million jobs will vanish worldwide. If you are afraid of being made redundant, start crafting your personal brand today.

We can help you strategize and maintain a personal brand:

  • For promotion and career success; and
  • To communicate your unique value if you want to change your career.

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