3 Lessons in Personal Branding We can all Learn from Donald Trump

donald trump personal branding

In July 2016, I predicted that Trump is going to win because he plays the media so well. This outcome seems to have surprised many individuals. Today, I will write about the 3 lessons in personal branding we can all learn from Donald Trump. Let’s first start with a working definition of “personal branding”. At IKIGUIDE we…

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How Personal Branding Can Help You Get Your Ideal Job

Today I will be writing some thoughts on how working on your unique personal brand can help you get your desired internship, scholarship or job. I used to advise my ex-students on scholarship applications, so I hope this piece helps you in getting your ideal job, scholarship or internship successfully. 1. What is Personal Branding and…

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The Top 3 Myths of Personal Branding

Today I want to share a story on confidence and personal branding. Here goes! The Story Recently, I spoke to this lady “K” who worked as the Head of Productions for Slush Singapore 2016. I have been rather impressed with her vast networks and diverse experiences in the Singapore start-up scene at a relatively tender…

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